Sunday, November 4, 2012

Radio Wowsville and the Dancing of Politics!

Tonight, Radio Wowsville takes a tuneful look at the 2012 political season, with odes to baby-kissing, chad-hanging, road-building, coattail-riding, rhetoric-spreading and that all important base-rousing.

It's the show that dares to ask: Wasn't "Binders Full of Women" the title of an old Judas Priest album?

It's the radio program not afraid to demand a recount of that 7-11 slurpee cup-off! 

It's the two hours of sound that will actually french kiss a baby to get your support!

(Speaking of which, this special "dancing of politics" edition of Wowsville will also see the return of Don Uncle Beatdown Harrison after a forced, months-long Siberian exile to "spend more time with his family." Don't worry - this radical moderate will be accompanied by his high-priced political handlers.)

America, don't miss out on this history-making (hysteria-making) installment of "the Sunday night thing that happens"? Radio Wowsville's pre-election victory party begins at 11PM on 91.1 FM and -- undecided voters can also hear it later at  

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