Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hampton Roads Magazine: Soldier of God

I'm happy to announce my return to the pages of Hampton Roads Magazine, starting with the November/December issue. On shelves now, as they say.

Working first with Bonn Garrett, and then with current editor-in-chief Melissa Stewart (who was Melissa Morgan when I first met her), I've contributed numerous pieces for the bi-monthly HR over the years, sadly not much available online -- on Norfolk's jazz history, coastal cleanup efforts, the fine hamlets of Pungo and Phoebus, as well as profiles of Swamp Dogg, Gary US Bonds, Bruce Hornsby, Frank Guida and other Tidewater-area musical figures.

My contribution to this month's issue is a bit less light-hearted than most of those articles. It's a feature profile of Donald Spitz, a controversial religious leader from Chesapeake who also serves as the mouthpiece of the right-wing anti-abortion group, Army of God.
It isn’t every day that an ordained minister refers to himself as a national terrorist threat. But Reverend Donald Spitz isn’t your ordinary man of the cloth.
“I used to get a lot of media attention when things were hot,” the 65-year-old Pentecostal preacher says. “But ever since the World Trade Center bombing ... I mean, we are small potatoes, chicken feed compared to something like that. So we got kind of pushed aside by the media. I know how media people are. It’s always got to be a new story.”

And there's more to come from me at HR. So stay attuned.  

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