Sunday, August 9, 2015

Richmond Magazine: The Story of the Whole Darn Family

"Seven Minutes of Funk" by the Whole Darn Family has become one of the most sampled tracks in modern music, appropriated by more than three dozen rap, soul and hip-hop acts over the years, including Jay-Z, EPMD, Public Enemy, the Wu-Tang Clan, Jodeci and Grandmaster Flash. 

But the seven-piece funk band's story had never been told until now. My in-depth feature on the Richmond, Virginia ensemble, and the backstory behind the 1976 song, can now be found at the RIchmond Magazine website. 

My sincere thanks to those who have already shared the article on social media and have passed along their own memories of the group. 

Read the story by clicking right here.

And click right here to watch a special video web extra, produced and shot by the talented Maureen McNabb, featuring the Whole Darn Family's bass player Woudy Hughes. 

(Album cover courtesy of WDF's mighty trumpeter Giz Bowe!)