Friday, January 13, 2017

The Memphis Beat

I've always loved Memphis, but I've never really written much about that great southern city. So when Virginia Living Magazine asked me if I wanted to take a trip there for a long weekend, and a big travel feature, it was a no-brainer. Sign me up.

End result: I ate too well, heard great music, learned some important history and laughed and smiled (a lot). I found a place still clinging to its unique identity but also pushing to break free of tradition.
"Memphis is all too aware of what its culture has meant to the American zeitgeist. But it also seems eager to break out and try new things. This eternal restlessness is why so much of its great music is raw and beautifully disheveled, not polished and neat like Nashville’s, and why the city still seems alive and vibrant, perpetually reinventing despite an inclination to embalm itself. It remains a great city, revelatory for a few days or a lifetime...
 Read "The Memphis Beat" by clicking right here.

Photo by the mighty Justin Fox Burks, whose images of Memphis perfectly represent and complement the article!