Saturday, November 10, 2012

Open Source RVA: Nov. 2, 2012 Podcast

The life of the slave Gabriel, the lowdown on Central Virginia voting trends and the sound of ukuleles.

The Nov. 2 edition of Open Source RVA features an expansive interview with author Gigi Amateau. Her recent book, Come August, Come Freedom is a work of historical fiction that shines a light on the life of the slave Gabriel. We also speak to Brian Moran of the Democratic Party of Virginia and talk ukuleles with Richard Koch (of the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen) and musician Samson Trinh, who were two of the planners behind Ukefest.

Click here to hear the Nov. 2, 2012 Podcast of Open Source RVA.

The hosts are Chris Dovi, Don Harrison and Amy Daniel. The producers are Jay Westermann and Gabi Schatzi. The board op is Rachel Soloman.

Open Source RVA can be heard every Friday at 4 p.m. Just tune it to 97.3 FM or log on at

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