Friday, November 16, 2012

Open Source RVA Takes the 5th

Meet the new representative-elect for Richmond's 5th District, and find out about a new piece of tourist cinema designed to highlight the history of the commonwealth.

On today's episode of Open Source RVA, we present an extensive interview with Parker Agelasto, who recently bested incumbent Marty Jewell for the 5th District city council seat. A museum curator and arts historian by trade, Agelasto is candid about the challenges he faces in his new job, and gives us his views on CenterStage, the new downtown arts district and other arts-related controversies currently swirling and festering. We'll also talk about "Keepers of the Flame," a new tourist video from the Virginia Capitol Foundation that documents 400 years of Virginia history.

All of that and so much more. Listen at 4PM on 97.3 FM or log on at

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