Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Open Source RVA: Jan. 25, 2013 Podcast

On the latest edition of Open Source RVA, which is broadcast every Friday at 4PM on 97.3 FM and http://wrir.org, you'll hear from Richmond's new 1st district representative on city council and get to know a local photographer that many are calling one of the bright lights of contemporary Southern art.

City Councilman Jon Baliles won a very narrow victory over incumbent Bruce Tyler in the Nov. 2012 election -- by a mere 22 votes -- and talks with us about his legislative priorities, including his commitment to the arts and how he hopes to update the out-of-date technology at City Hall. It's a frank and freewheeling discussion with the son of a former Virginia governor, and the man who helped to spearhead Richmond's Street Art Festival last year.

We also talk with photographer Susan Worsham as well as Gordon Stettinius and Amy Ritchie from Candela Books + Gallery. Worsham's new exhibit, "Bittersweet on Bostwick Lane" is currently on display at Candela and focuses on her childhood growing up on the campus of the University of Richmond.

Click here to download the Jan. 25, 2013 edition of Open Source RVA.

What was that? You say that you haven't heard all of the great Open Source RVA episodes that have aired on WRIR 97.3 FM? Well, here's a master list of podcast links below. You can't say you haven't been totally sourced!

Jan. 25 - Interview with Jon Baliles, Susan Worsham's "Bittersweet on Bostwick Lane"
Jan. 18 - The Tea Party and Hanover public schools, activist Scott Burger
Jan. 11 - Arts and culture in 2012 (Kollatz, Griset, Lehman-Rios, Necci)
Jan. 4 -   The year end wrap up on Richmond politics (Goldman, Diradour, Williamson)
Dec. 21 - Arming teachers, filmmaker Rick Alverson, Lewis Ginter Gardenfest of Lights
Dec. 14 - Preservationists and Rt. 5, the RVA Beard League
Dec. 7 -   Richmond's tattoos, Social Services scandal, more Wingnuts
Nov. 30 - Redskins vs. schools, lady arm wrestlers, Henley Street Theatre
Nov. 23 - Wingnuts vs. Police, new youth hostel, Gigi Amateau pt. 2
Nov. 16 - Interview with Parker Agelasto, Keepers of the Flame.
Nov. 9 -  The election, Richmond's new school board, Rock 'n' Roll Hotel
Nov. 2 -  The life of Gabriel, voting trends, Ukefest
Oct. 26 - Spiritualism, horror films, ghost hunting - the Halloweek installment
Oct. 19 - School expulsions, Yes! Dance Invitational and political fact-checking
Oct. 12 - Richmond Symphony contract dispute, mountaintop coal mining
Oct. 5 -   Regional cooperation, windowless apartments
Sept. 28 - Co-Housing, SOL scores, Richmond's musical history
Sept. 21 - Richmond Folk Festival, abortion clinics pt. 2
Sept. 14 - Abortion clinics pt. 1, open government, Mayoral candidate Michael Ryan
Aug. 17 - Bike safety, water rates pt. 1, baseball in the Bottom
Aug. 10 - Richmond's waysigning program, Paul Goldman on the VP choice
Aug. 3 -  Our debut! City chickens, the state of Richmond public schools

(The photo above is by Susan Worsham from her exhibit at Candela, which is showing through Feb. 23rd.)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Radio Wowsville tonight: So Many Questions!

Riddle me this:

Can blue men sing the whites? Does the Devil really have the best music? Who were International Harvester and why aren't they in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame?

These and many more (no doubt) burning questions will be addressed on tonight's very special edition of Radio Wowsville

Starting at 11PM on 91.1 FM and http://wtju.net, I will take over the DJ chair and twiddle the knobs for a two-hour sonic spectacular that will defy your sleep habits (and your powers of riddle solving). Avant-garde folk, San Fran freakout, offbeat doo-wop and hair-raising (and soul-cleansing) gospel - we'll take you on a specially-programmed triptych through the genres tonight, leaving precious clues along the way. Do you dare miss it?

OK, OK, if you do miss it, you can back up and try it again at http://wtju.net/vault. All will be explained.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

Virginia Living: Virginia Folklife and the Trash Company

Print makes a comeback right here!

Pick up the Feb. issue of Virginia Living Magazine and enjoy my feature article on Virginia's state folklorist Jon Lohman and the Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Program. For a decade, the program (which Lohman started) has helped to preserve a rich array of disappearing traditional arts, music, crafts and skills.  

While you are there, take a gander at the latest installment of my Virginia Living music column, which documents how Richmond's Steady Sounds record store is issuing the "lost" music of Richmond's Max Monroe and the Trash Company

These articles aren't posted online so you actually have to buy a print copy (horrors!) of VL to partake. But you'll want to do that anyway since it's the handsome Virginia Living, a beautiful thing to be seen with. 

Don't steal your neighbor's copy. Get thee to a magazine rack or obtain the Feb. edition through http://virginialiving.com/.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hampton Roads Magazine: Kickstarter

It isn't posted online but the Jan. 2013 issue of Hampton Roads Magazine contains my feature article on how Tidewater-area film producers, musicians and authors are obtaining project funding through Kickstarter

On newsstands now, as they say, or available at http://www.hamptonroadsmag.com/

Open Source RVA: Dec. 14 and Jan. 11 Podcasts

Are we caught up on the OSRVA podcasts yet?

It was a weird year for Richmond's arts scene as behind-the-curtains drama often overshadowed the actual art on display. For this special edition of Open Source RVA, we invited four distinguished area arts writers and critics to expound upon the past year and discuss both the hits and the bombs.

Joining us in our arts and culture roundtable: Harry Kollatz Jr., senior writer at Richmond Magazine, Angela Lehman-Rios, veteran music writer and Style Weekly critic, Rich Griset, freelance writer and theater critic at Style, and RVA Magazine editor Andrew Necci.

Click here to download the Jan. 11, 2013 podcast of Open Source RVA.

And the now-archival Dec. 14 edition of Your Show of Shows can now be heard in its entirety. Yay!

On this memorable installment, we talk with preservationists Giles Harnsberger and Nicole Anderson Ellis about how scenic and historic Rt. 5 was saved from development, and Andrew Bodoh, the lawyer for the Wingnut Anarchist Collective, fills us in on the dustup between the Richmond anarchists and the Richmond Police Department.

Oh... and we also introduce you to the follicle-flaunting fellows who are behind the RVA Beard League. Don't miss this.

Click here to download the Dec. 14, 2012 podcast of Open Source RVA.

Open Source RVA's army of unpaid interns now inform me that we are officially caught up on the podcasts. And there was much rejoicing.  

Check out the show's website at http://rvaopensource.com and don't forget to listen in every Friday at 4PM on 97.3 FM and http://wrir.org for Richmond's weekly audio digest.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Open Source RVA: Jan. 18, 2012 Podcast

A quick podcasting turnaround for yesterday's action-packed edition of Open Source RVA.

The Jan. 18 installment of Your Show of Shows follows the developing story of how conservative "Tea Party" politics is affecting public education in Hanover County. Along with Linda Terry from the Richmond Association of Realtors, Hanover teacher Chris Pace joins us to discuss impending changes and how they might affect Hanover's reputation for high educational standards.

Also sitting with us for a frank discussion: Richmond activist Scott Burger, who has led the fight against Richmond's high water fees, VCU's encroachment of Oregon Hill and the lack of transparency in city government. Meet the man behind the petitions and find out how he's been so effective in a city that can count citizen apathy among its problems.

Click here to download the Jan. 18 podcast of Open Source RVA.

And we're still catching up! Stay tuned for more past podcasts of WRIR's weekly audio news digest. Open Source RVA airs every Friday at 4PM on 97.3 FM and http://wrir.org.

(And don't forget to bookmark Open Source RVA's spiffed-out new website at http://rvaopensource.com - that's where you'll find breaking news, podcast links and exclusive editorials. Do it now and smile!)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Open Source RVA: Dec. 21 and Jan. 4 Podcasts

We're catching up on the Open Source RVA podcasts. Whew! Exhausting.

Our "Looking Back and Forward" episode features three River City wise men -- political gadfly Paul Goldman, perpetual candidate Charlie Diradour and University of Richmond professor Thad Williamson -- as they take a look back on the past year in Richmond politics. It's a wide-ranging discussion that features everything from the city's high water rates to the meaning of the local Nov. 2012 election to the Redskins deal to the Art180 controversy and so much more...

Click here to listen to the wise and sage Jan. 4 edition of Open Source RVA.

And our holiday broadcast can also be heard. We interview local filmmaker Rick Alverson about his new film, The Comedy, and talk with Beth Monroe of Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden about Ginter's annual "Gardenfest of Lights." We also speak to members of Richmond's Teachers Association and Virginia Police Chiefs Association about Gov. McDonnell's recent proposal to arm teachers in the wake of the recent Connecticut school shootings.

Click here to listen to the action packed Dec. 21 edition of Open Source RVA.

Open Source RVA is Richmond's audio news digest, broadcast Fridays at 4PM on http://wrir.org and 97.3 FM. And check out our spiffy new website at http://rvaopensource.com.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Read the Notes: Maggie Ingram's "Live in Richmond"

Ring in the new year with a stirring  live recording from Richmond's Queen of Gospel.

The new live CD from Richmond's Maggie Ingram & the Ingramettes is a potent introduction to a Richmond gospel legend and her incredible family backup band. Available here and through fine record stores -- like this one -- this exuberant set is a long-overdue document of the Ingramettes' live prowess (check them out in this clip from the past Richmond Folk Festival).

Live in Richmond is on the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities' own label -- see the rest of their fine indigenous releases here -- and was recorded at Fifth Baptist Church in Richmond by producer Jon Lohman, who just so happens to be Virginia's state folklorist.

OK, so you already need to get this disc. We've established that, right?

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL (as they say) -- you also get my bio of "Mama" Ingram and an overview of the music legacy she's forged in her Richmond hometown and beyond. 

Think of my liner notes as sort of a "bonus." But you'd need Live in Richmond anyway. Trust me on this.

For more, check out my Virginia Living feature (from 2008) on Maggie Ingram right here.

And here's Maggie Ingram and the Ingramettes live at the folk festival in 2009:

Listen to some early Maggie on Nashboro:

And now prepare yourself for the "Richmond Virginia Flood":