Sunday, February 10, 2013

WTJU Folk Marathon: The Mamas and the Papas

A very special FUN Raising edition of Radio Wowsville is upon us.

First off, note the time. Tonight, we start tonight's big Wowsville broadcast at 10PM, one hour earlier than usual, and that's because we are participating in WTJU's Folk Marathon, which has been a real treat to listen to this week -- everything from exclusive live broadcasts to special shows on everything from gospel to newgrass. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the magical ways of WTJU, the community-minded radio station doesn't (to paraphrase the Kinks) fundraise like everybody else. No, when each of the four musical departments (that's Folk, Jazz, Classical and Rock) take a week each year to do their thing, and strut their stuff, and feel their oats, the volunteers come up with special programming to entice the engaged music fan.  This has been the folk department's week to shine and the marathon fun is occurring RIGHT NOW. Go to and check it out. And don't forget to donate some scratch (it's all about raising money to keep the lights on and the equipment working) at 434-924-3959. Or you can give online by clicking right here

Even though Radio Wowsville is a proud member of WTJU's Rock department, we have been asked to close down the Folk Marathon the past few years, and tonight's 10PM broadcast will take a two-hour look at the folk (and Virginia) roots of The Mamas and the Papas. No, the "California Dreamin'" didn't start in L.A. -- it has its roots in Alexandria, Virginia, where Mama Cass Elliot and Papa John Phillips (and Scott "San Francisco" MacKenzie) attended high school. We'll play you rare tracks and interesting asides from such pre-M&P folk and folk-rock groups as the Journeymen, the Big Three (pictured), the Mugwumps and the Halifax Three, and sample folk and country-flavored solo recordings from Denny Doherty, Papa John and Mama Cass. (And let me send a special shout out to the band's archivist, Richard Campbell, for hipping me to all of this stuff).

And then, at midnight, we'll have a special (highly-condensed) hour of Radio Wowsville. To cleanse the frequency palette. 

Too much fun (and folk). Join me tonight at 10PM on WTJU. That's 91.1 FM and online at And don't forget the funds, folkies! That's 434-924-3959.

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