Friday, February 22, 2013

Virginia Living: Salt of the Earth

Indigenous folklife goes viral!

Virginia Living Magazine has posted "Salt of the Earth," my feature article on state folklorist Jon Lohman and the Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Program, for your online reading pleasure. 

It’s the last day of the Richmond Folk Festival, and Jon Lohman, Virginia’s state folklorist, looks plum tuckered out as he stands on the Virginia Folklife Stage—one of the special attractions at the three-day music and folk arts gathering that takes over the riverfront in mid-October.  
Lohman is about to introduce the delicate Sephardic balladry of Flory Jagoda, 87, a Jewish exile from Bosnia who lives in Northern Virginia. Responsible for programming two days of music on this stage from artists across the Commonwealth, and for curating and displaying at the festival a collection of indigenous crafts, food and folk art, including a functioning whisky still, Lohman’s heavy-lidded eyes are watery by this point, his shirt partially untucked as he stifles a yawn. It’s the home stretch of a haul that has taken three months of planning, logistics and navigating nit-picky details.

Read the rest of "Salt of the Earth" by clicking right here.

(Photo of master guitar maker Wayne Henderson by the mighty Adam Ewing.)

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