Friday, January 25, 2013

Virginia Living: Virginia Folklife and the Trash Company

Print makes a comeback right here!

Pick up the Feb. issue of Virginia Living Magazine and enjoy my feature article on Virginia's state folklorist Jon Lohman and the Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Program. For a decade, the program (which Lohman started) has helped to preserve a rich array of disappearing traditional arts, music, crafts and skills.  

While you are there, take a gander at the latest installment of my Virginia Living music column, which documents how Richmond's Steady Sounds record store is issuing the "lost" music of Richmond's Max Monroe and the Trash Company

These articles aren't posted online so you actually have to buy a print copy (horrors!) of VL to partake. But you'll want to do that anyway since it's the handsome Virginia Living, a beautiful thing to be seen with. 

Don't steal your neighbor's copy. Get thee to a magazine rack or obtain the Feb. edition through

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