Sunday, January 27, 2013

Radio Wowsville tonight: So Many Questions!

Riddle me this:

Can blue men sing the whites? Does the Devil really have the best music? Who were International Harvester and why aren't they in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame?

These and many more (no doubt) burning questions will be addressed on tonight's very special edition of Radio Wowsville

Starting at 11PM on 91.1 FM and, I will take over the DJ chair and twiddle the knobs for a two-hour sonic spectacular that will defy your sleep habits (and your powers of riddle solving). Avant-garde folk, San Fran freakout, offbeat doo-wop and hair-raising (and soul-cleansing) gospel - we'll take you on a specially-programmed triptych through the genres tonight, leaving precious clues along the way. Do you dare miss it?

OK, OK, if you do miss it, you can back up and try it again at All will be explained.  

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