Thursday, October 25, 2012

Richmond Magazine: Cultural Shift at First Fridays

Some assignments are fun to write and some are a bit of a hard journey. 

My latest feature for Richmond Magazine was one of the latter examples. As a longtime follower of Richmond's popular First Fridays event, it pained me to have to chart the considerable political wranglings that are currently occurring behind the scenes at the once-a-month arts gathering. For various reasons, a lot of people wouldn't talk on the record for the piece, and a few of the key participants in the story didn't want to talk at all -- and I had to go back and forth with City Hall about its role (or non-role) in the maneuverings. It's a tangled mess, frankly.

The print version of the piece is merely an overview of the situation.  The expanded online version is now up and is the one to read if you want to know what's really going on. 

Is Richmond's most successful downtown rehab project about to change for the better? Or is this the end of First Fridays as we know it? The jury is still out. 

And I should thank Chad Anderson, the magazine's executive editor, for his above-and-beyond work on helping me keep up with all of the breaking news and sudden "shifts" in the story. (Photo by the mighty Ash Daniel).

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