Thursday, October 4, 2012

Open Source RVA: Sept. 21, 2012 Podcast

Fundraising? More like... FUNraising.

On this episode of Open Source RVA, the OSRVA gang takes some time to raise money for WRIR 97.3 FM. We also present part two in our coverage of Virginia's new abortion clinic regulations by talking with Scott Price and Christine Daw of the Alliance for Progressive Values. We also take time out from the heavy stuff by having a roundtable discussion about the incredible entertainment slated for the forthcoming Richmond Folk Festival. And we've got the team to help us do it -- Stephen Lecky and Lisa Sims of Venture Richmond, Virginia Center for the Public Press board member Jim Wark and columnist, DJ and all-around renaissance man Chris Bopst (all of them Folk Festival programming committee members).

It should be noted that this is a "special" broadcast of Your Show of Shows. How special? This is the one podcast so jam-packed that we couldn't even fit in a show introduction. That's how dang special.

Your hosts are Chris Dovi, Amy Daniel and Don Harrison. The show is produced by Jay Westermann and Gabi Schatzi. The board op is Rachel Soloman.

Click here to listen to the Sept. 21, 2012 podcast of Open Source RVA.

And just because the big fund drive is officially over doesn't mean that you can't still give to WRIR. Toss us a Franklin and we'll give you a great looking WRIR 2012 fall fund drive t-shirt. Just call the station at (804) 649-9737 or go on line to donate at

And if you need to catch up with "Open Source RVA,"  here is a complete list of our podcasts to date. Collect and trade:
Sept. 28 - Co-Housing, SOL scores, Richmond's musical history
Sept. 21 - Richmond Folk Festival, abortion clinics pt. 2
Sept. 14 - Abortion clinics pt. 1, open government, Mayoral candidate Michael Ryan

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