Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Richmond Magazine: Single-Gender Studies

My feature article on the relevance of single-gender colleges has been posted to the Richmond Magazine website. The article, "Single-Gender Studies," is a part of the College Guide section in the magazine's current September issue (illustration by the mighty Arnel Reynon).
When Jo Ellen Parker hears the criticism that single-sex education doesn’t prepare young people for the real world, she has a ready response.

“I tell them that Hillary Clinton [Wellesley, ’69] attended a women’s college, and she seems to cope with the real world pretty well,” says Parker, the president of Sweet Briar College, which serves 760 female students in a bucolic campus setting near Lynchburg. “We can go down the list of prominent leaders who have gone to women’s colleges, and we can document from the outcomes that graduates can indeed cope with the real world — graduate school, politics, the arts — and do just fine.”
To read the rest of the feature article, click right here.

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