Saturday, June 11, 2016

Candy Land: A Look at the H.E. Williams Candy Company

The H.E. Williams company is Virginia's oldest and longest-running candy manufacturer. And the factory is still going strong, creating sweets the old-fashioned way.

Using much of the same archaic equipment that it started with, the family-run operation has been selling handmade hard candy (like its trademark Peach Buds) in South Norfolk for nearly 100 years. You won't find a more delicious throwback.

My feature article, "Candy Land," tells the story of this fascinating, defiantly old-school business -- no web presence, no credit cards, no social media -- and is now online at the Coastal Virginia Magazine site.

And, yes, I had to do a lot of very thorough research into H.E. Williams' products while writing this piece -- that's just the kind of diligent journalist I am.  Don't mention it. I'm just dedicated like that.

Read "Candy Land" by clicking right here.

(Photo by the sweet-toothed David Uhrin!)

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