Sunday, August 31, 2014

Virginia Living Magazine: Setting the Stage

It's time to take a tour of Virginia's major performing arts companies, courtesy of Don Harrison.

The September/October issue of Virginia Living Magazine features "Setting The Stage," my big overview of the commonwealth's most vital, interesting and conspicuous arts organizations.

Here, you'll get the lowdown on nearly two dozen different performing troupes -- the likes of Virginia Stage Company in Norfolk, Richmond Ballet, Crystal City's Synetic Theater (pictured), American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Abingdon's Barter Theatre and many more. It's a one-stop shopping place for info on the performing arts in the Old Dominion. There are also some scoops -- information on upcoming seasons, planned new venues, possible future collaborations and special concerts and performances. If you like the arts, you'll dig.

(It was been suggested to me that, because I'm so familiar with different parts of the region, that I was the only writer who could really do this. But I think I misheard that -- I'm actually the only writer crazy enough to do this. Not only was this a multi-sourced 5,000+ word epic, it was a rush job as well.)

You'll want to pick up a printed copy to see all of the great photos and to experience that typically-fabulous Virginia Living glossy presentation, but the bi-monthly magazine has posted the big spread online too.

To read "Setting the Stage," click here. And break a leg.

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