Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Open Source RVA on WRIR 97.3 FM

Oh conundrum.

So check this out: I start this blog in order to highlight all of my journalistic endeavors. But then I get too busy with my journalistic endeavors to blog.

The one thing I've really neglected to promote on these pages is the weekly radio program, Open Source RVA, that I co-host for WRIR in Richmond. The hourly news and talk show has featured a dizzying number of public officials, artists, musicians and community leaders in its nearly two years on the air, and can still be found every Friday at 4PM EST on 97.3 FM. The show is rerun on following Mondays at 4PM. You can also stream Open Source RVA online, live -- or through a time portal -- at

Listeners can also download selected Open Source RVA podcasts by choosing from this menu right here.

And we've just re-vitalized the Open Source RVA website at

There, the Open Source publishing division features the work of distinguished Richmond-area voices such as Mark Holmberg, Dale Brumfield and chef Jimmy Sneed, as well as my co-host Chris Dovi and the homegrown Richmond Public Media news team.

Mark it. And may the Source be with you!

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