Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Richmond Magazine: Out in the Open

My feature article on the state of Richmond's public art funding, "Out in the Open," is now available for your perusal at the Richmond Magazine website. It begins:

News flash: Richmond’s Public Art Commission will receive $2.8 million next year. That’s about three times what Richmond has allotted for public art in the entire 22-year history of the commission.
“We’ve been so under the radar, mostly dealing with budgets of $25,000 to $35,000, that this is coming as kind of shock to people,” says longtime commission member and artist Paul DiPasquale, who has created such indelible (if privately funded) public art pieces as Richmond’s Arthur Ashe statue and the likeness of King Neptune in Virginia Beach.
“It’s not a wish any longer, it’s reality.” 
Click here to read the rest of "Out in the Open."

Photo by the mighty Isaac Harrell!

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  1. Good stuff! Finally a "Good news" story about arts funding! Thanks'

    OK HW