Saturday, April 13, 2013

2013 Rock Marathon: Funky Virginia on April 14

The annual WTJU Rock marathon is in full swing. If you don't know about this great freeform station's annual orgasm of rock, click here and listen loud. The real purpose of all of this great specialty programming, live bands and remotes is to raise money for WTJU 91.1 FM in Charlottesville. But the rockers make the fundraising fun.

I'll be participating in two shows this year, in my usual closeout slot. And I couldn't be more excited. Before I tell you about the first one, a series of questions:

Do you know about Swamp Dogg? How about Mr. Wiggles or Little Tommy? Does the mention of the 35th Street Gang make you move like a chicken?

Worry not. Just listen to Funky Virginia: The Virginia Funk and Soul Spectacular on Sunday, April 14 at 9PM. The show is going to bring you up in step with the Old Dominion’s great, often obscure, indigenous funk and soul artists – showcasing classic cuts by Lenis Guess, the Randolph Brothers, Prince George, Ida Sands, Flip Flop Stevens (pictured) and many more ear-bending hometowners from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s. 

It’s the radio show that will make you ask: “What? This is from Virginia??!!” 

So don’t touch that dial, Mr. Hackenbush. Join Brother Breakdown and I -- along with special guests, like the Scorpio Brother himself, Troy Hurt, one of the guys behind the excellent Funky Virginia blog -- as we put some pep in your step and some glide in your stride. 

All to raise money for WTJU Rock's annual fundraiser at 91.1 FM, which is happening right now! Call 434-924-3959 to pledge or listen and donate online at

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