Sunday, March 24, 2013

Radio Wowsville Tonight: Listening Pleasures Await!

The Radio Wowsville research team (see left) is currently "busting it" in preparation for tonight's big broadcast tonight at 11PM on

Join Uncle Beatdown as he provides two hours of rancorous swamp funk, claustrophobic ghost country, semi-sweet power pop morsels, and a side-set of music from selected dream worlds. Oh, and Neil Young and the Santa Monica Flyers come to you live from Miami Beach even though they're in England.

Confused? Don't be. It's Radio Wowsville and our Wurlitzer-winning team is here to help make sense of it. That's because your listening pleasure is our business. 

(And if you miss the big broadcast tonight, you can always travel through time and listen to a stream of the show. Just go to and click on "Radio Wowsville." And don't stop clicking -- there are many other fine WTJU shows there doing vital sonic research.) 

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