Sunday, December 30, 2012

Radio Wowsville: Do the 'Self Destruct'

Was this what the Mayans were warning us about?

Let tonight's Radio Wowsville serve as your soundtrack to falling into the 2013 abyss, or make it the tuneage designated to accompany desperate attempts to hold on to the year (and tax rate) that was.

Let Don Harrison -- a.k.a. Uncle Beatdown -- prepare your apocalyptic new years party mixtape with a heady playlist of redneck funk, third-world psych, SoCal harmony-pop, propulsive power-punk and atmospheric soul (among many other things).

It's the radio program that says: If we're going over that fiscal cliff, let's do it together. And let's make a cool dance craze out of it to boot! Have you heard of the "Self Destruct"? Can you dance the "Tea Bagger Bop"? Have you tried to do "the Lemming"? Find out the steps and navigate the beat tonight at 11PM on WTJU 91.1 FM and/or It's Radio Wowsville, a music program so potent that it can make you believe in miracles. Or at least in prophecies come true.

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