Saturday, August 25, 2012

ROCK 'n' ROLL RIOT on Sunday's Radio Wowsville!

It's time once again to grease up your sideburns and for Suzy Q to pour into her Pink Pedal Pushers.
No, Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps won't be playing a weekend sock hop at the Louisa Soda Shoppe -- next best thing. This Sunday night at 11PM on WTJU, Radio Wowsville will unleash its 9th (or 10th) semi-annual Rock 'n' Roll Riot!

[In case you should need to inform a square, the Riot features two explosive hours of greasy, stomping, desperate, twangy, unusual, and very often sick rock and rockabilly from the '50's and early '60's. This is your granddaddy's "indie-rock" and there's nothing quaint about it.]
Find out how, on the eighth day, the Lord made brothel creepers!
Quiver with anticipation as an army of Elvis wannabes, fueled on bennies and Dr. Pepper, take over your country barn dance with switchblades and snare drum paradiddles!
Hear EVEN MORE salty stories of two-timing teen queens with “conjugatin'” names like Bertha Lou, Peggy Sue and Screamin’ Mimi Jeanie! 

MAN, IT'LL BE A CRAZY DATE! Tune into Radio Wowsville's semi-annual Rock 'n' Roll Riot, Sunday, Aug. 26 at 11PM on WTJU (or listen after the fact at the WTJU tape vault) and find out what you are really rebelling against?

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