Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Virginia Living: The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Prof. Cline

Foamhenge, a full-sized replica of one of the oldest manmade prehistoric sites in the world, has captured the imagination of thousands of astonished travelers since local artist and entrepreneur Mark Cline erected it out of molded Styrofoam a few years back. The man the Lynchburg News called “the poor man’s Disney” says he constantly thinks about new ways to thrill people. “If they’ve got a mouth, they can smile, and that’s my goal: to make them smile.”

Virginia Living Magazine has started to post some of my older VL features online, including my profile of "Foamhenge" artist Mark Cline.

Click right here and read it.

(Now if we could only get them to post my Mid-Atlantic Wrestling piece and my feature on the history of the Virginia Squires, we'd be good to go. )

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